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Great article, can't wait for the book.


excellent article. Look forward to your book. Will buy one as soon as it comes out. My appreciation for your good/hard work.

How can I get started with BOO?


I second that. Do you have any recommendations for resources to help in learning Boo? Powered through http://boo.codehaus.org/ and would like to learn more.


Very nice article. Thanks Ayende!

Paul Cowan

Here is a tutorial I found useful:



Just bought the MEAP of the book, which will jump start my learning of BOO and DSL - my support is done BTW :-)

the major benefit of using DSL, BOO is to provide a solution in the domain which has long standing value.

How can I justify the learning curve/maintenance cost of introducing BOO, DSL into a project/product development upfront, e.g when talking to architect, project manager?

I did an ETL project 2 years ago using C# and Schematron (XML, XSLT based rule validation), which is not very fast, but do providing flexibility of XML based rule engine. it was OK to use XML based programming :-). But selling BOO, DSL in real project is a little bit harder, IMHO.

Brian Chavez

Great article. I understand more about DSLs, and where Boo & Binsor. come into play... :) Many thanks Oren.

Claudio Figueiredo

Somehow the word has spreaded that YOU are a TEAM. :)

The Article says it's "Posted by Ayende Rahien and Oren Eini " lol


Alex Simkin

Team? Poor Ayende is chained to the keyboard in a basement when Oren is traveling around and getting all the glory.

Krzysztof Koźmic

@Alex & @ Claudio

I knew it!

There are two of them. Or more! It's simply too much for one person to do:

Write the blog, write a book, go to conferences, help people on user groups, contribute to several OSS projects, record screencasts, have a life, sleep...

Claudio Figueiredo

Ayende's a Borg? Did I hear it right?

"- Resistance is futile." :D

Benny Thomas

My next language will be Boo.

Igor Music

Now I’m interested in Boo.

I see that current DSL definition on Wikipedia has narrower definition (programming language) than I originally assumed.

For my purposes domain specific configuration schema (for example one describing mapping of system transactions to ledger accounts) is DSL as well as domain specific activities (in context of MS Workflow Foundation).

They are higher level languages for expressing domain knowledge.

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