SOA Data Access

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Yesterday I posted about designing an SOA system. I identified the following service:

Available candidates - given a set of requirements, will attempt to find all verified candidates that match the requirements. Additional responsibilities include logging search history (important for noticing what requirements are common and desirable), and recording which requirements has no matching physicians in the system (should be passed for human inspection, to decide if head hunting should begin, or this should be ignored).

BIll Poole has left a comment regarding this post, which included this statement:

For example, the "Available Candidates" service appears highly data centric, likely exposing search/data retrieval operations. CRUD interfaces are bad.

This is something that I have often heard, but I still don't understand. I understand why CRUD interfaces are discourage, you get better results by just using a DB. But in this case?

How do you get the data out of an SOA system? It seems to me like this is a natural requirement for the problem at hand, but I feel that I am missing something.