Hibernating Torrent: A simple torrent server for Windows

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I think that I already mentioned that I started to run into scaling limits with my screen casts. More specifically, the latest screen cast, was already downloaded 7,300 times! It is a 160Mb file, it also means that I have to pay for obscene amount of traffic.

Since I didn't want to pay for all that bandwidth, and since in principal I don't believe in having to pay to give something (which cost a lot to make) for free, I was in somewhat of a problem.

The idea of torrents was very attractive, except...

There are no torrents servers for windows. Oh, you can try to use uTorrent using all sorts of hacks using srvany.exe from the resource kits, and hope that it would work (it didn't for me), or you can try using Azureus (still didn't work for me) and pay ~120Mb RAM just for that. The situation seemed hopeless and I toured the halls of the secret laboratory despondent, pondering the situation for many nights.

Then I recalled that I am a developer, therefor I have the power to create things. A quick search on Google led me to BitSharp / MonoTorrent a torrent library in C#. I had to learn how to use it, but it didn't take long, and I wrote my own Torrent Server, which is currently live and used to host my screen casts.

I think that I am doing too much networking stuff lately. Torrent server, subversion server, caching server (see subversion server).