Hibernating Rhinos #8 - Going Distributed & Building our own Bus

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Well, I was toying around with the idea for about a month or so, and finally I got around to actually record & editing that.


  • Vastly improved sound quality. I think you'll enjoy it.
  • Vastly extended in time & scope. For some reason, this screencast is longer than many full length movies. We also write our own bus implementation from scratch, and discuss the implementation details there.
  • This is more of a low level discussion, not a high level architectural discussion about why you want a bus (well, I do talk about it a bit, but mostly we implement the bus).
  • The first 45 minutes are dedicated to moving from an old style RPC to an async batching bus approach, that still uses the request / reply. The rest is dedicated to building the one way, message passing, queue based, service bus.
    • There are some interesting challenges there, and I hope you'll make sense of my grunts as I write the code.
    • The last hour or so of the screen cast it live coding, and you get to see how I revert some design decisions as they turn out to be problematic.

The technical details:

  • Total length: An hour and forth minutes(!)
  • Size: 160 MB
  • Code starts on 04:31

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