Evaluating IoC containers

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Scott Hanselman is learning IoC, and he listed a lot of the IoC frameworks on the CLR. I was also pointed to this comparison IoC containers.

I don't like that comparison, and I am not sure that I can quite explain it. Most of the time, comparison of IoC container focus on simple dependency resolving scenarios and the related configuration.

From my point of view, it is like deciding to use C# or Java after reading a comparison of the syntax of an if statement.

Dependency resolution is the most basic feature that an IoC container can have.

Of the top of my head (and probably biased toward Windsor, since that is what I tend to use), I would say that you need to think about the following points, instead of focusing on the baseline scenario:

  • Error handling
  • Generic components
  • Decorators
  • Interception
  • Configuration vs. Convention (in other words, how much smarts does the container have?)
  • Extensibility scenarios