Linq for NHibernate Adventures

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So for the last few hours I have been getting back into the Linq for NHibernate project, after having left it for far too long. I am beginning to think that building a Linq provider might not have been the best way to learn C# 3.0, but never mind that now.

It is with great pride that I can tell you that the following query now works:

from e in db.Employees
select new { Name = e.FirstName + " " + e.LastName, Phone = e.HomePhone }

Why is this trivial query important? Well, it is important because about a year ago I said that there is only a single feature in Linq for SQL that NHibernate doesn't have. I also promised to fix it the moment that someone would tell me what it is. No one did, so it waited until today.

The main issue had to do with the Criteria API and handling parameters, no one ever needed to do that, it seems. When they did, they generally used HQL, which did have this feature. Since I have based Linq for NHibernate on the Criteria API*, that was a problem.

Now that ReSharper works on C# 3.0, I can actually get things done there, so I sat down and implemented it. It is surprisingly difficult issue, but I threw enough code on it until it gave up (I wonder if there is a name for nested visitors... ).

At any rate, I strongly recommend that you'll take a look at the project. And bug (fixes) and other patches are welcome**.

* This decision was important for two reasons, the first was that it is generally easier to use the Criteria API programmatically, and the second was that I wanted to ensure that the Crtieria API (which I favor) was a full featured as the HQL route.

** Yes, I know that I'll regret it.