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Random Musings

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Okay, this is just a train of thought about a few things. I just finished submitting a couple of chapters, and I feel very wrung out at the moment. For the last few weeks I have been too busy to do much of the things that I usually do. First there was getting ready to quit my job, with a last minute project to finish. That took most of my time in that regard, and I let the book project slid too far behind schedule.

This week I spent most of my time writing, and it was bloody well hard. The chapter about integrating DSL into your application progressed agonizingly slowly. I couldn't really keep writing for extended period of time, which was damn annoying, since I already had a fairly good idea what I wanted to write. The next chapter was far easier to write, but still took too long, in my opinion.

One of the results of that was that I didn't pay much attention to email, currently I have 64(!!!) unread emails, and about a dozen tasks that I need to handle relating to my OSS projects. I thought leaving work was supposed to give me more free time... :-) I am going to get some rest and try to handle that afterward.

Other tidbits include the fact that ReSharper 4.0 is now in early access program, with features that really make me want to drool. This means that I can work with VS 2008 now (well, hopefully). This has direct correlation to the amount of work that is now going to head into Linq for NHibernate.

Udi Dahan has a very interesting post about moving from CRUD to Domain Driven services. It is an eye opener, and I heartily recommend reading it.

Amazon's S3 have suffered a massive failure, apparently. Some of the comments on that are interesting, looks like it is suggested as high volume, good performance but with possible high latencies. As such, you probably should use it for archiving and storage, but still keep a hot cache around on your own servers so you can get at least partial service when it is down.

Enough for now, I think...


Tobin Harris

Good musings - liked the CRUD post you mentioned especially.

Sean Kearon

It would be interesting to know how many people are staying with VS2005 and C# 2 until Resharper works on VS2008.


Sean: I've been using VS2008 but staying with C# 2.0 for exactly that reason.

Sean Kearon

@efdee: thanks for the tip...I didn't realise R# worked in 08 on C#2....d'oh!! Will give it a go asap!

Jon Skeet

I'm using VS2008 and R# 3.1, but with most of the ReSharper editor features turned off to avoid breakage. It's still worth having for NUnit integration though :)

Ayende: I can sympathise with the whole "writing being hard" business. It gets weirder when you still have a lot to do for the book, but none of it is actual writing. At least you can write during the day for a while!

Looking forward to reading your book though...


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