Cool Discoveries

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(I'm not always complaining :-) )

Well, I made two discoveries that are going to make my life better.

First, my ftp client of choice is SmartFTP, which is cool, fast and simple. But I've a... less than reliable FTP Server, and it used to drove me nuts that it sometimes cut of in the middle of uploading, thus breaking the site. Just yesterday I found out that the Global Queue is actually useful.

I tell you this, until you haven't watched something that used to take 3 hours and much frustration done by ten threads and in 1.5 minute, you didn't know the joy of the discovery.

The other thing is the usage of Anchor property in WinForms, I always used fixed sized forms or docking to preserve my forms styles. And I just now discovered what is the purpose of this property (this is what happen when you're self thought), it keeps the distance from the spesified directions. I've already started to put it into use.

Another cool discovery that I'm making as we speak is about DataBinding, I've always did it manually before, but now it seems like a much better way to do stuff, especially if you're using MVC.


Does anyone knows of a Spring like framework for WinForms?