Reasons for caring: Microsoft & OSS

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In the ALT.Net mailing list, we are having a discussion about the CAB and OB. Part of this discussion include this dialog between me and Brad Wilson.

Brad: If you're simply angry because we had the audacity to make our own object factory with DI, then I can't help you; the fact that P&P did ObjectBuilder does not invalidate any other object factory and/or DI container.

Ayende: No, it doesn't. But it is a waste of time and effort.

Brad: In all seriousness: why should you care if I waste my time?

That question prompt this post, because I have so many reasons to car.

If Brad was a private person, I wouldn't care.

But, when Bard is doing this for something that is going to be released with a "Microsoft" in its name, I care quite a bit.

  • I care because it means that people are going to get a product that is a duplication of work already done elsewhere, usually with less maturity and flexibility.
  • I care because people are choosing Microsoft blindly, and that puts MS in a position of considerable responsibility.
  • I care because I see this as continued rejection of the community efforts and hard work.
  • I care because it, frankly, shows contempt to anything except what is coming from Microsoft.
  • I care because it so often ends up causing me grief.
  • I care because it is doing disservice to the community.