C# vNext

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Jeremy Miller asks what we want in C# vNext. I have only real one request, to have meta programming of sufficent power, after which will be able to add all the required semantics without having the compiler team to argue with.

I am not holding my breath on that one, though. I can just imagine the arguments against it (let us start from the potentail for abuse, move to version and backward compatability hell, and then move forward).

I  want to go over Jeremy's list, and see what I can add there.

  1. Mixin's - Agree 102%. This is something that would so useful, I can't realy understand how it is not already there. Make it a magic attribute, something like [Mixing(typeof(IFoo), typeof(FooImpl))], and you can get away with it with just compiler magic, no changes required to the CLR.
  2. Symbols - I am ambivelent on that one. Syntatic sugar is important, but I have other things that I would value more.
  3. Make hashes a language feature - I think that you can do it right now with this syntax:
  4. var hash = new Hash(
    	Color => "red",
    	Width => 15
  5. Automatic delegation ala Ruby or Objective C - Um, isn't this just mixin?
  6. Metaprogramming! - absolutely. This is something that I have gotten to consider as basic. I am getting tired of having to fight the compiler to get the code that I want to have. The code should express my meaning, I shouldn't have to dance to the compiler's tune.
  7. Everything is virtual by default to make mocking easier - I certainly would like that, but I fear that this is not something that will be changed. AOP as a platorm concept, now that is something that I want to see.

My own request covers:

  1. memberinfo() - the CLR already has this concept, so we just need the syntax for it.
  2. Method Interception - let us start with the easy stuff, I want to be able to intercept methods from any type. I can do it now if I want to mess with the profiler API, but that is not something that I can really make use of for production.
  3. IDynamicObject - I want method missing, damn it! It is just the scratch of meta programming, but this is something that you could probably add to the compiler in a week.
  4. Static interfaces. Since we already has generics to allow us to treat types as interchangable types, I want to extend this concept by just a bit, to get it to work in a more reasonable manner.

I have a few more, but they just called my flight.