Don't use MS CRM! It is not worth the ulcer you will get!

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Yesterday I reached the breaking point with regards to MS CRM.

We needed to push a build to staging, so the customer can start acceptance testing. The way we built it, we haveĀ a central CRM development server, and each developer is working mostly locally, but against the same server. I don't like it, but the CRM doesn't really give me much choice.

At any rate, we started the move by trying to move the customizations from the development server to the production server. Naturally, there is no way to diff things, so I have no idea what changed since we last went to production.

The import process failed, some SQL error. There is a reason that I use the term "some SQL error", that is the entire information that I have about this error. checking the event log, trace files, etc reveals no further information. That went beyond annoying. We ended up having to do import of entity by entity, and doesn't merge by hand for the entities that failed to import successfully.

As you can imagine, that took: (a) time, (b) aggravation.

Both development and production machines has the same version installed, and it is not as if I was trying to do something out of the ordinary, it is supposed to be a common operation.

I had enough with this in lapsus alumni platform. I officially declare it as a nightmare platform.

MS CRM - don't bother even trying, you will thank me for it.