Well, it started life as an IoC Container ,but then we added this bit...

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I hate planning. This comes from a long experience at all the problems that raise when you have faulty planning.

So, today I intended to have the class write an IoC container ,but somehow, still not sure how, we ended up building the trivial OR/M imp


 Let me say first that this is sample code, written in the span of a few hours, off the cuff coding, etc. Not meant for production... It doesn't even have identity map or unit of work.  But, it shows that it takes only a few hours to make a significant improvement in the way you work, if you are not already using the best tools out there.

And allow me to reiterate that this was written by me and the students in about two and a half hours only. I hope that this would take care of the "can't handle it" muttering.