Commercial support for Castle Windsor, Castle MonoRail, NHibernate, etc

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This post by Ben Scheirman is interesting. He points out that the MS.MVC stuff is targeted toward a different crowd than the one who is using MonoRail, it is targeted toward the corporate developers and the All-Microsoft Shops.

The question of support has been raised again, and it prompted this post. It seems that there isn't a lot of awareness that there are commercial support options for those tools.

  • Castle Stronghold is the obvious place for commercial support for Castle.
  • JBoss / RedHat are offering commercial support for NHibernate. JBoss no longer support NHibernate.
  • We!* (Hebrew site) is offering commercial support for NHibernate and Castle.
  • Mindscape is offering commercial support for Castle.

I am actually not very interested in getting support for those, so it is entirely possible (and likely) that I missed some. Most of the active members of the community are members of consultancies that are capable offering support, but those are the one that I am aware of.

* Full disclosure: I work there.