Quotes of the weeks

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Those are courtesy of Jdn's post.

If you don't, you are stupid, a Mort, or, god forbid, an architect. 

Oh my, I am not sure if this was intended to be amusing, but I certainly find it so.

Similarly, it is okay to use a Visual Studio designer.  It is even okay to use drag and drop.  There, I said it.  Let me say it again, with feeling: IT IS OKAY TO USE DRAG AND DROP. 

This comes at a very appropriate time, since I just spent a few hours wresting with a drag & drop code-gen solution. I got it to work, even. But the end result is not what I want or need, so I am going to rewrite it by hand tomorrow. So there, it is perfectly OK to use Drag & Drop, and I would probably never do anything in WinForms without the designer.

And just a note about the Alt.NET Agilistas, I am afraid that this term is reserved for Wendy and Oxana.