ALT.NET is a divisive thing

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Note, this is a partial (and the final) response to Sam Gentile post about ALT.NET.

Now to the part that actually talks about ATL.NET:

ALT.NET is a divisive thing. No matter what they tell you, they are full of negative energy, they sneer at others that don't buy into their view and sneer at the "enterprisey" folks.

ALT.NET is divisive, of course. Like any idea, it divide people into those who agree and those who don't. The ALT.NET doesn't include a value statement about those who don't agree, I am feeling forced to point out. And I am not sure that I know how to sneer, as a matter of fact. Perhaps I need to start taking lessons.

I believe that I stated before that I believe in the option of respectfully disagreeing with someone. Me & Roy often end up there, so I know that this is possible.

Viewing ALT.NET as a movement about rejection is a mistake, it is about accepting more options, about keeping your mind open.

The underlying issue is that like all people, I am lazy, and as such, I would really like to be able to just use the off the shelf, standard stuff. Unfortunately, I have found that fairly often, that doesn't do what I want, and to make it do what I want would be more costly than doing it from scratch. As you can imagine, that came as a shock.

At first I dealt with it with denial, there is no way this can be, that is what everyone is using, no way that it has this problem, obviously I am missing something. I went and did my research, and discovered that indeed, everyone who tried to do what I wanted run into the same problem, and had to solve it using the same wahonie shaped solution. That was the reluctant compliance stage, a lot of people stay there.

Finally I accepted that this is indeed a problem, and I set out to find other means to achieve my goals. They were not standards when I started, but they certainly moving in that direction for a while now.

ALT.NET, in my view, is about accepting that there are better ways to do things, and you should go and find them if your current way is painful.

Don't miss the last part, it is important. I hope that I am practical, and good enough solution is just that. If the current way you are doing things is not painful, there is no reason to change anything. If it is painful, then accept the fact that there are other ways and find them.