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Copenhagen Airport: A work of art

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Allow me to divert a bit from the usual technical rambling of this blog. I have just arrived at JAOO, and I am still in awe of the Copenhagen's air port. Unlike Israel's or Frankfort's airports, which are industrial, commercial and ad-laden, the Copenhagen airport was a work of art.

It is not a really a good way to describe it, but the entire place is beautifully coordinated, and it feels like the stores there are there to complete it, not to shout at me. The entire thing is holistically whole.

The rest of the place is also quite amazing, from the most comfortable chairs in an airport that I have seen to really nice places for kids (from a toy garden to a lego playfield), etc. The attention for beauty goes across the entire (huge) airport, which means that it was really impressive.

Here is an image that I stole from flickr, it doesn't really do it justice, but it should give you the starting of an idea. You really have to be there to be impressed by it.




Welcome to Denmark :-)

Good to have you here and looking forward to your and hammet's presentations the next 3 days.

Tobin Harris

I used to go through CPH almost monthly, it really is great! Even the flooring is beautiful (but not as nice as the ladies) :)

Alef Arendsen

I arrived at CPH yesterday as well and had dinner at the sea food place that's also on the picture you stole from Flickr. Highly recommended!

Other than that, yes, it's a great airport. I'm used to Amsterdam Schiphol airport (which I think is very nice too, although it's more commercial) so I'm usually very bored at other airports, but not this time...

Mads Kristensen

If you're up for it, then let's meet up for a beer in Copenhagen before you leave DenmarK? Shoot me a mail if you're interested.

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