A most applicable approach to the Fertilizer pattern

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I recently had a chance to go through several legacy applications, bug spotting in one and evaluating the possibilities of code reuse in another. Stuff like "a most applicable approach to the Fertilizer pattern" began to run on my head as I read it, and at one point I had to go away to be able to curse in private (there were ladies present).

Some of the things that I run into (across all the applications):

  • Goto inside a grid implementation, after a little fact finding, it was discovered that they lost the original source, and just copy / pasted the result of Reflector's de-compilation and moved on.
  • SQL Injection problems in stored procedures that were found by reading the documentation.
  • Naming convention like bo_showinui, id_file, nm_folder, tx_folderpath

We fixed the bug (which made me learn some stuff about double hop windows authentication and citrix, of all the things in the world, and we will not be reusing the code.

In retrospect, I should have known, everyone else went to the far side of the room when I started reading the code...