Duplication of Efforts

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Scott Bellware brings up one of the most annoying habits from Microsoft, duplicating existing OSS stuff instead of promoting the use of the existing tool.

He ends up the post by asking how long it will take before Microsoft will have its own mocking framework. On the theoretical possibility that they would do such a thing, let me express my feeling about this in advance:

I would be extremely pleased if Microsoft came out with a mocking framework that completely and utterly kicked Rhino Mocks' butt.

I would be very happy because it would mean that I would get mocking for free, instead of spending quite a bit of time to make it work. That would mean that it would not look like this one, by the way. Somehow, I have my doubts that Microsoft would turn out something of Rhino Mocks' elegance. And if I say so myself, Rhino Mocks is one of the finest pieces of code that I have written.

That said, if they want a mocking framework, Rhino Mocks is FLOSS (free libre open source software), so they certainly have the possibility to just bundle it in (and even rename it to Microsoft Mocking if they really want to).

That is what I wish they would have done for NUnit, Cruise Control, etc. If integration is what they want to offer, it is certainly something that all those projects would accept gladly. I know that I would.