Placing complexity: Localized Complexity Zone

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Another semi-post morten talk that we had today had to do about complexity. A co-worker has just found my file, and commented on the complexity that it invovles. We had a discussion about this. I aggreed with her that this is indeed complex, but, in over eight months of the  project, it was the irst time that someone other than me had to deal with it, and for the rest of the team it Just Worked.

Side note: one of the things that I am going to make sure for the next project is make sure that the entire team has at least a rudimetry understanding of all the important infrastructure pieces.

It got us to a discussion of whatever we can reduce the complexity. Considering what we need to handle in this project, we both agreed that we could not significantly reduce the complexity of the system and that the alternative were either going with a localized complexity zone or spreading it around the entire code base if we removed this functionality.

We couldn't reduce complexity, we could only move it around. By certralizing it in a single place we increased the local complexity of a single part of the application (not the complexity of the code, but the cmpliexity in understanding what is going there, IoC & DI ). But trade off is that we made the rest of the code of the system much easier to work with and understand.

What do you think?