Ergonomic Hardware

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imageLike many people who work with computers a lot, I suffer from wrist pain. I recently switched to using a Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000, and it reduced those issues very quickly. The main benefit of the keyboard, aside from the ergonomic, split, design, is that it is  raised, which mean that my wrists doesn't have to bend in order to use the keyboard.

I have found that this to be a great product, with the single complaint that the wrist rest hand doesn't stretch enough to the left, so I have no easy way to access the left most keys column of the keyboard. I literally need an extra inch or two and it would be perfect.

Now I am looking for a mouse that I can use that will not reduce the effort even more. I would like to be able to go totally mouse free, and while I can do it, the problem is that this is simply not possible in many applications.

In Windows Live Writer, for instance, I don't have any way to access the right option bar without the mouse (at least non that I could find), and that is the case in many applications / sites. Selecting categories or setting publish date requires the use of the mouse as well.

I have tried using a trackball for a while, and that didn't reduce any wrist pain, if anything, it simply moved them from one place to another.

Any recommendation on a good mouse to use?

I have heard about data-hands, and I am interesting in taking them for a spin, but the cost is really prohibitive, and I am not going to even try that without seeing clear benefits out of this.