When Tests Tell You To Look Deeper

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Well, I've been able to find the reason that my tests were failing outside VS.Net, they were running on the Framework 1.0, and not Framework 1.1, as in VS.Net. Very simple, but it had me stumped for quite a while. Oh, and the current directory thing, it's true as well, there is a bug is there, which, to my shame, was in the tests themselfs :-{.

I added a test fixture called DeploymentTests, and added a test for the framework version. I think it's a good idea to cover all the basic stuff that can go wrong, for that reason, I currently have three tests in the deplotment tests, one for the framework version, one to ensure that all the required assemblies does indeed exist and the last one to make sure that files required for the testing exist.

Right now I'm green again :-D

I also got to a 35% test coverage, which is pretty good from 0% :-),

       happy joy happy joy