Those untrustworthy developers...

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From Jeremy Miller's blog:

But Jeremy, that might be fine for you, but I can't trust my developers to just do the right thing.  I need governance.  First, what are you doing to change their behavior?  Secondly, why did you hire them in the first place if they can't be trusted, or can you tighten up the hiring process.  Three, is that really the case?  I've heard this line about not being able to trust the developers far too many times.  Why, or how, is the manager responsible, but the developers aren't? 


Allow me to spin the question in a different direction. Why the %$!@ are you letting someone that you don't trust to write your critical business processes?

I have run into this same attitude in a place where the developers wrote the payroll process that paid their own salaries.

So... you can't trust the developers to do stuff correctly, and obviously you don't have time to educate them correctly, right?

I feel that there is something that is slightly wrong about that behavior.

My own feelings in this matter are that if you want quality, you need to invest in your hiring process and in the people you already have. It is very important to coach, train and educate the people that you have around you. If nothing else, so you would have a qualified someone to argue against.