What is one assert?

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One of the thing that you would hear TDDer say is "one assert per test". The problem is, what is one assert? Does it mean one Assert.Something() call? I don't agree with this. To me, this is a single assert:

Assert.AreEqual(3, rows.Count);
Assert.AreEqual("ALFKI", rows[0]["Id"]);
Assert.AreEqual("Wrong id", rows[0]["Name"])
Assert.AreEqual("BUMP", rows[1]["Id"]);
Assert.AreEqual("Goose", rows[1]["Name"]);
Assert.AreEqual("Lump", rows[2]["Id"]);
Assert.AreEqual("Of Rock", rows[2]["Name"]);

I am asserting that the set of rows is the expected set of rows, it simply takes several calls to assert that.