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Advertising Rhino Mocks

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I have been offered an opportunity to advertise Rhino Mocks in TheLounge Open Source room. What is TheLounge? It is a new advertising network that seems very interesting which I am going to add to the site & blog. But that is not the point of this post, you can read about how it works here, if it interests you.

The point of this post is that I need to supply a 120x90 image and up to 100 words for an advertisement for Rhino Mocks, and I have no idea where to start. You can see below my best 120x90 creation, and that is not something that I would really like to release into the wild :-)

image Beyond that, I can't really think of a short message that would both describe Rhino Mocks and will not sound so marketly that I would instant gloss over it.

So, that is where you come in, I would appreciate any suggestions about the text of the ad, and if you can suggest an image as well, I would be delighted.

You can see the current OSS room ads in the Lounge home page, currently they serve SubText, BlogEngine.Net and BlogML (that I have noticed), and I would really like the extra exposure.

Thanks in advance,




What about the description from your wiki?

"A dynamic mock object framework for the .Net platform. It's purpose is to ease testing by allowing the developer to create mock implementations of custom objects and verify the interactions using unit testing."

Sounds accurate to me.

Miki Watts

Actually, I think the image is pretty good... just get rid of the purple glow around the eye (leave the eye itself though) and the lines between the yellow areas should be of darker color, maybe even black, and it should look better...


This is not polished, but has a question to arouse interest, and tries to briefly explain the benefits without using 'fluffy' terminology. By that I mean, mocks are really hard to explain the benefits of, to someone who hasn't used them. Here's my attempt ;-)

Rhino Mocks is a "Mock Object" framework for the .Net platform.

Do you have code that is difficult to test because it uses objects that rely on something physical to be setup just right?

Rhino Mocks allows the developer to put a "mock" object in place of a real one. The mock object is setup to behave like the real one, freeing the developer to test the other code around it with pre-arranged responses. RhinoMocks also records the calls invoked on mock objects so you can write code to ensure your mock objects were invoked in the expected order.


thanks for the mention ayene.

we'd love to support Rhino Mocks as well as some of the other projects you mention on your blog - nhibernate and monorails just to name a few.

good luck with the logo design and I hope to add rhinomocks soon!


Rhino Mocks makes it easy to create a doppleganger for code you wish to test. ;)



I don't want to dampen your ardent quest for a perfect logo and portrayal of your product, but how new does an "advertising network" have to be that even its founder's website is not navigable? Or is it part of the network's mystique? How do I enter a "Room comprised of great content publishers" if I don't know where it is?


@foober - its a small project just getting off the ground. the site has 2 pages - a one pager brief intro and then the open source .net "room" where users can grab the code.. there's no mytique - its just early. if you have any questions you can always email me at contactus [AT] montylounge [DOT] com. i will answer all your questions.

Chris Wuestefeld

I think the advertisement ought to tell someone why they'd want to use Rhino mocks. For me, it's because it's the mock framework that allows me to work with the strengths of my IDE, taking advantage of ReSharper, compile-time checks, etc.

I kinda like the logo you made, except for the eye -- that purple looks like the color of a burned-in monitor. Change the eye to a bright red dot to make it a robo-rhino :)

Chachi Arcola

Actually, I think your image is way-cool as-is. Then again, I'm just a color-blind code....


hi chachi,

I initially used the original logo, however it was already being used (http://www.davidairey.com/what-makes-a-good-logo/ see the rhino's life logo) so in order to avoid any legal unpleasantness I had to redesign ;)

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