The Correct Separation Of Concerns

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I have just read this post from Hammett, talking about the difference between separating business logic and presentation logic vs. separating presentation and presentation logic.  This comment has caught my eye, Nicholas Piasecki says:

To me, this discussion all boils down to one thing: the foreach loop. Let’s say you want to display a table of sales reports, but after every tenth row, you want to print out an extra row that displays a running total of sales to that point. And you want negative numbers to appear in red, positive numbers to appear in green, and zeros to appear in black. In MonoRail, this is easy; with WebForm’s declarative syntax, just shoot yourself in the face right now. Most solutions I’ve seen end up doing lots of manipulation in the code-behind and then slamming it into a Literal or something, which to me defeats the purpose of the code separation.

And that, to me, is the essence of why I dislike WebForms, something like this is possible, but very hard to do. In my current project, we have used GridViews only in the admin module, and we have regretted that as well.