New features in Entity Framework?

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The Entity Framework has a new version, but I wanted to talk about the list of new features that they published (edited for brevity)

Some of the new features include IPOCO, support for referential integrity constraints, transactions, spans, serialization...

I have no idea why IPOCO is, I can make some assumptions, like this is an interface that a POCO class needs to implement, but by doing this, it is no longer POCO.

Referential integrity constraints, transactions and serialization are new features?

I may be missing the boat here, but transactions as a new feature for an OR/M seems like a huge issue to me. The rest is just as puzzling. I am debating whatever this is a WTF or just another case of "Let us use a widely known term to mean something completely different"...

Update: Looks like there are much better descriptions of it here, which makes more sense. Looks like "span" is the EF name for eager loading, and it is surprising that it is only appearing now.