Hibernating Rhinos - Episode #4: Hibernating Forums - Part I - Testable & Painless Persistence

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Okay, here is the first episode in my OR/M challenge series. It mostly deals with the MonoRail skeleton project and with setting up the domain model in a TDD fashion. I am not sure how interesting it is, because about 60% of it is building the Active Record entities, and explaining how it works, but it lays a foundation that I will use for the next few episodes.

Lots of Um..., I am afraid, but at least I am speaking in a normal speed :-)

  • Total length: 55:44 Minutes
  • Download size: 77Mb
  • Code starts from ~4 minutes into the episode.
  • Getting the Latest code - will be updated for new episodes
  • Getting the Code from the episode

The download page is here: http://ayende.com/hibernating-rhinos.aspx

I have some ideas about where to take the next episode, but this is something that is mostly dependant on your feedback :-)