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Sample projects are by far most helpful for me .

Castle has some but they are often out of date (for example, trying to learn Brail is better with your sample application and not the castle samples).

NHibernate has a few good samples out there but I don't really agree with the way they consume NHibernate services since they focus on how NHibernate works rather than how NHibernate integrates into an app.

I am not sure how money would produce this unless you pay someone to commit to a day or two to create sample projects with a variety of structures and setups using these tools. I want to do just that but time keeps me from following through.

Ken Egozi

What about getting all those 500$ changed to the lowest-value-coin-you-can-find (with up to 3 queries), and then write a huge I-(^^)-NHibernate through the Grand-Canyon? No that's evangelizing !!

Brennan Stehling

Perhaps the best thing you could do is purchase a very good wiki like Confluence. Since you are already running a popular open source project you can probably get a free license anyway.


The ease of use of their wiki actually makes writing up new documentation a breeze. It also indexes all kinds of document formats like Word and PDF and makes it all searchable. If you can get a free license you could spend the $500 on graphic designer to ensure everything looks great and is very readable. A good layout designer is worth the money, although $500 is not exactly a ton of money.

Ayende Rahien


All projects already have a wiki or equivalent

Castle has http://using.castleproject.org - which is confluence

NHibernate has the JBoss' system

Rhino Tools has http://www.ayende.com/Wiki - ScrewTurn wiki

I am more interested in getting content created than the mechanics of that.


I had some hard time getting up to speed with Rhino.Mocks, so I think a getting started would be useful. But who am I to complain about documentation? ;-)

Mike Minutillo

What I would love to see from Castle (and may other larger frameworks) is a separate project which goes through the construction of a complete application from beginning to end.

The project would have screencasts of important topics and a blog where contributors can talk about their experience.

This is likely going to be very time-consuming and so I don't think it is up to the core contributors of the project to do the actual work here.

Also I don't think that $500 would cover it. What it would do is increase the public exposure of the framework. It might even cause a media ruckus :)

Ayende Rahien

Hammett, did you get a chance to see the Hibernating Rhinos #1 ?

Ayende Rahien


That is what I am doing now with the Hibernating Forums stuff. It has a different focus, but it should do to teach how you can use that.


I agree with Mike, seeing the process of building a real world application is to me most help full in understanding how a framework should/can be used.


Michael/Torkel, that's stuff for a book, not screencasts. It's just too many things involved.

Ayende, not sure I did. I really googled a lot for it. I believe my problem was handling things with no return value. Took a while to get to LastCall and understand how I was supposed to use it. But I might be getting old....

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