Natural Event Syntax for Rhino Mocks

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I asked before, but didn't get any conclusive answers, what do you think about this syntax for raising events in Rhino Mocks. I spiked the implementation, and the code blow works. As I said, I don't like the awkward syntax of GetLastEventRaiser(), nor the reliance on EventRaiser.Create(mock, "Load"), because it relies on strings.

Does it make sense? Readable? Maintainable?

public void Raise_FromEventRaiser_RaiseTheEvent()
    MockRepository mocks = new MockRepository();
    IWithCustomEvents withCustomEvents = mocks.DynamicMock<IWithCustomEvents>();
    bool myEventCalled = false;
    withCustomEvents.MyEvent += delegate { myEventCalled = true; };

    withCustomEvents.MyEvent += EventRaiser.Raise(this, EventArgs.Empty);


I wanted to say that the implementation was simple, but it relies on emitting code at runtime, so is it simple?

Anyway, I am waiting for some additional responses