The right UI metaphor

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imageAfter some discussion about whatever a tree is the correct UI to show the use for my permissions issue, I decided to see if there is another way to handle that.

This is not the way the UI looks like, obviously, but it should give you an indication about how it works. Gray check mark means that something below this level is checked, a check mark means that it has permission on this node. Note that I can have permission on a node, and permission on sub nodes, and it has different meanings. If I have a permission on a node I have cascading permission to all its children, but a child may be associated with multiply parents (and not always at the same level of the tree, sigh).

In this case, we have Baron that has permission to schedule work for the Tel Aviv's help desk stuff. He also has permissions to schedule work to John & Barbara, no matter in what capacity.

It other words, even thought Baron can assign work to Jet, he can only do so when Jet works for the Tel Aviv Help Desk,  he cannot assign Jet to work in the Pesky Programmers role. He can do that to John & Barbara (assuming he has the rights to do assign work on the Pesky Programmers department, of course, which is another tree.

The idea is that you can assign detailed permissions to any parts of the tree that you are interested in. There is another screen that allows you to find the hierarchy of objects if you are really interested (not shown here).

Naturally, permissions are many to many, the tree is many to many and I have a headache just try to figure it out. Just to point out, this is done on a web application, and the complexity is that the real tree has about two thousands entries at the lowest level (and ~7 at the top most level), so you need to get data lazily from the server, but, you also need to display the grayed check box, so the user will know that a child node is marked, that was the main difficulty, actually.

So, I am open for ideas about how to design this better.