The myth of the all inclusive meta-entity

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Jeff Brown has a good post about information in software:

There is no technical reason preventing software applications from adopting common standards in the representation of their information.


Would software interoperability improve if we could just agree on common meta-classes for data structures?


In any case, it bothers me profoundly that software is so vertical. There is too little common ground. Each application contains a wealth of information but remains steadfastly inaccessible.

It is worth point out that most organization can't agree on what something as fundamental as the Customer within the organization. This is because different parts of the organization are responsible for different aspects of the customer, and they have radically different needs. 

As Jeff points out, software that is open & extensible usually carry a price tag of six figures as well as a hefty customization fee. That is just the nature of the beast, because being a generalist costs, because the business doesn't care if you you can handle fifty different ideas of customers, they want your to fit their idea of customer, do it well, and fit with the different view of a customer within the organization. That doesn't come easily.