Hasta La Vista

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Vista is failing fast to impress me. It is a prettier version of the previous versions, but they have managed to screw up significant parts of the user experience in ways that I find astonishing.

What is bad:

  • Vista is slow.
  • File copies or network stuff is horrendously so.
  • Using explorer to go to a network drive takes much longer than it used to do.
  • The broke the Backspace button in explorer! How can you break something like that is beyond me. The backspace should go UP! Not back.

What wasn't a problem:

  • UAC is not as problematic as I thought it would be.

Killer features:

  • You can click with the mouse on the pictures of applications when you do Alt+Tab
  • Snipping Tool

I have been using it for a week or so, enough time to evaluate what I think about it, and it is a no go. It annoys too much to have to deal with it, without significant benefits that would balance that. So I am going to wrap up some stuff and install 2003 again on this machine.

Oh, and I am looking for a snipping tool with the same features as Vista's now.