Influencing the direction of the .Net Framework

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This comment by Stefan Wenig really made me think:

...the elephant in the kitchen is the fact that there is no process for discussing c# enhancements within the community before everything is written in stone.

The way you're designing C# seems to work better in some aspects than the java community process, so I'm not sure how far you should really go. But getting feedback and discussing suggestions early is definitely overdue.

The community seems to have very little influence on the choices made at Microsoft. We can make suggestions in MS Connect and for all intents and purposes they are ignored there after. There may be something going on behind the scenes, but I want to be able to take part in a discussion, not a popularity contest with arbitrary and contrary judges that I never get to talk to.

Again, Stefan make the case very clearly in another comment:

As for the discussion process, I know that there are ways, but they basically all suck. I can make suggestions at connect, but that's no place to discuss stuff. I'm not talking about voting either, things like AOP are far too complicated to be discussed in this matter. I'd like to see a discussion between language geeks inside and outside of MSFT, voices from framework developers (the nhibernate/castle kind) and application developers, etc. This is all happening in the blogosphere - except that it's fragmented and the C# team is not really participating.