Domain Driven on Naked CLR?

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Again, a story from class. We are currently building a sample app together, and I get to see just how painful it is to try to build domain driven applications on the naked CLR.

A lot of the stuff that makes DDD possible (rich object graphs, for instance) is entirely too hard to do without tool support. The end result is a transaction script pattern, where there is a chain of method calls that ends up with a call to the DB, usually to a stored procedure. I thought about keeping the SQL in the application layer, but to do it correctly, I would need a real data layer, and that basically means that I crack opens Fowler's Patterns Of Enterprise Applications and start implementing Unit Of Work and Identity Map, etc. Horrendous amount of work, frankly.

Assuming that you have no access to tooling, and you don't have the resources to built NHibernate-sque framework, how would you approach building a Domain Driven application on the naked CLR?

Is it even possible?