Thou Shall Not Work Around Technical Limitations

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Frans Bouma has a really good overview of the implications of Microsoft behavior in the TDD case. The thing that really bothers me is that the thing that they are hinging their treats against Jaime is "work around techincal limitations".

Well, excuse me, but that is my job. What am I supposed to in cases such as this or this? Report a bug to Microsoft and wait two years so maybe they will fix it? (Or maybe they will decide that it is there for backward compatability.

This is generating so much bad will around the community, I just can't understand Microsoft's position in this matter. I am with Frans on this issue, I don't think that Jaime is in the wrong here, neither technically nor legally.

We have heard from a few Microsoft people about the issue, mostly re-iterating the same nonesense. I would like to get a response Scott Guthrie on this subject.