StoryVerse (and very cool search technique)

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StoryVerse is an agile management web application, based on MonoRail & Active Record. The UI is very googlish in nature, and I really like it. Still very early in the project, but showing a lot of promise.

The way that the guys from LunaVerse are using the criteria objects had me scratching my head for a while, until I saw how it is used on the controller, then I had a "Wow! That is cool!" momemt.

Here is a sample:

public void SearchProject([DataBind("project")] ProjectSearchCriteria projectSearchCriteria)
  PropertyBag["projects"] = Project.FindAll( projectSearchCriteria.ToDetachedCriteria() );

You really need to check out the code in order to appriciate it. It is like placing a lot of domino pieces and watching them all fall into places, no extra work required. Here is one technique that I am so going to take advantage of next time I am going to write a search screen.