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Hibernating Rhinos 3: Implementing the Event Broker

time to read 2 min | 251 words

Okay, here it is. This is a little diferent style than the one I have made before. This isn't scripted at all. This is literally a recording of me trying to solve the Event Broker issue. As I have mentioned, I have spiked the issued previously, but not in any serious manner.

As a result, you can see me stumbling over issues in the implementation, and it is much less professional sounding. It turns out to be less than one hour recorded (+ 5 minutes spent checking the Rhino Mocks source code "off stage"), and I think that I have a good solution for the Event Broker issue.

I am afraid that at times I have been reduce to unintelligable muttering at time, but I hope that it is still valuable.

Stuff that is covered in the screen cast:

  • Event Broker
  • Declerative Event Wiring
  • Registering to events from classes we don't own
  • Avoiding memory leaks

The code starts at 2:30 minutes, and it is pretty much just code (and my mumbling) from then on.

As usual, the code is supplied, and the download page is here.


Mike D

I really enjoyed and also benifeted from this screencast, the candid approach was cool. From where I sit just watching you write code while hearing the ramblings was both fun and educational.

You really should fire up the screencast software more often. No need for the powerpoint , although the film just broke style intermission was intertaining, just record yourself writing code when you can.

Watched this while I was having the morning coffee and it was a total blast!


Can't unzip after I have Flashgot it.

Ayende Rahien

Just downloaded it with FF and IE, it is fine.

Can you try downloading it again, the file size should be 45.1MB


Can't unzip after I have Flashgot it.

me too.. it seems like an issue in my Free Download manager.

I tried to download with FireFox and it's OK



Have you used a download manager?

When I used a download manager I got the same, but when I downloaded via FF only, archive had been unpacked successfully.

It seems like Ayende's server does not support download resuming.

sorry for my English :)



I've not used a download manager. I tryed with IE 7 and with FF and always have the same problem



hm strange.

Are you under the proxy or firewall?

If you still need it I be able to upload the archive to my friend's site and post the link to you.



I'm not under proxy nor firewall, I'm using a domestic ADSL connection. If you can upload the archive, it will be great



It is a 12PM in Yekaterinburg, Russia I'm going to watch last 2 series of LOST :) and sleep. Tomorrow I will certainlydo it.


Hell it's a 3AM now and I am watching Ayende's block buster :)

final of LOST is nothing in comparision with it :)

@ Ayende

nice joke with control.Show testing and cabbage

great video though audience must know some castle microkernel internals.

Ayende Rahien

Glad that you liked it.

But not one yet caught the BizTalk joke?






Biztalk hm, I going to watch again.


thanks for the alternate download sergey


thanks a lot Sergey. I've downloaded it and nos it's correct!


@Jose & bonskijr

You are welcome!

Steve Ringo

Wow. You certainly have a gift to be able to code like that. Something like that would take most mere mortals weeks to do!

I was riveted from the start. Never bored. Thanks mate.



Just watched it... beautifully elegant!

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