Hibernating Rhinos 3: Implementing the Event Broker

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Okay, here it is. This is a little diferent style than the one I have made before. This isn't scripted at all. This is literally a recording of me trying to solve the Event Broker issue. As I have mentioned, I have spiked the issued previously, but not in any serious manner.

As a result, you can see me stumbling over issues in the implementation, and it is much less professional sounding. It turns out to be less than one hour recorded (+ 5 minutes spent checking the Rhino Mocks source code "off stage"), and I think that I have a good solution for the Event Broker issue.

I am afraid that at times I have been reduce to unintelligable muttering at time, but I hope that it is still valuable.

Stuff that is covered in the screen cast:

  • Event Broker
  • Declerative Event Wiring
  • Registering to events from classes we don't own
  • Avoiding memory leaks

The code starts at 2:30 minutes, and it is pretty much just code (and my mumbling) from then on.

As usual, the code is supplied, and the download page is here.