Event Broker Spiking

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Just spiked a test implementation on an Event Broker (similar to the CAB), basically support for loosely coupled events / commands. Took about... 40 minutes :-)

My understanding of the functionality in the CAB is based around:

  • [EventPublication], [EventSubscription]
  • [CommandHandler]

As far as I can see the separation between the two is main artifical, and based on whatever this is your code or a third party. Since both rely on events as the underlying mechanism, I don't see a reason to separate them out.

Biggest issue: string equality is a bummer.

I might do a live coding screen cast, showing how it can be done. Tried it now, but it is 2:28 AM right now, and I sound like a drunk sailor. I got tired of apologizing of slipping to Hebrew, and cut the recording.

That 40 minutes mark is starting to freak me, to tell you the truth...