How to get attention (and fixes) fast

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I just got a bug report for Rhino Mocks from Kevin Miller. Those are not that common, but not very rare. That one came with a test case, which is also fairly common for bug reports (after all, Rhino Mocks is used in TDD scenarios :-) ).

I gave it a glance, saw that it had a lot of stuff that I needed to read, and started to put it on my ToDo list. Then I looked at the attached file name. For no particular reason, I have this convention of putting all the bug reports for Rhino Mocks using "FieldProblem_[ReporterFirstName]". The file that kevin sent me was named "FieldProblem_Kevin.cs"

That was interesting enough that I fired opened the file right away, saw that this file could simply be dragged into the Rhino Mocks solution, with no extra modifications needed (namespaces, naming, etc). That was enough for me to follow up immediately. Luckily, this was something that I was able to quickly fix.