Maintainability as a first level concern

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I have no idea how I missed this post from Anders Norås. It is talking about some of the problems in using traditional software factories (code-gen) vs. using smarter frameworks. It is a long read, but it is excellent.

Maintainability is the enabler of all the other "itities" of an architecture. Experience shows that typical EJB applications often was hard to maintain even if code generation made them easy to develop. The IDE driven code generation for EJB paved way for vendor lock-in.

The software factories of today will be part of Visual Studio "Orcas", but I would not count on this to lock users into the IDE and Microsoft Patterns & Practices way. Even with million-dollar investments in high-end application servers the enterprise Java community has largely moved from EJBs to light-weight frameworks. This has proven to be a economically healthy choice because of improved productivity and flexibility.