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JetBrains C# IDE, where did it go?

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Andrew is asking about the JetBrains C# IDE, I did some research right now, and literally all information about it is dated to 2005. There is no official response saying this, but I guess that JetBrains decided that there just isn't a point in trying to compete with Microsoft in this area. I find it very sad, since by and large I am very unhappy with VS itself, and I have been continually impressed by what JetBrains' stuff enables me to do.

I would really like to see an IDE from JetBrains for .NET. It is a big undertaking, but I have faith in their abilities to make it work. JetBrains, please give us a reasonable IDE, I am so tired of fighting VS, I want an IDE to be my friend not a foe.


Richard LOPES


VS2005+Reshaper v2.5+CodeRush+AnkhSVN+some other free plugins (GhostDoc...) turn the whole experience into something really pleasant and powerful, unmatched in my opinion.

I don't do a lot of drag & drop with VS2005, so I guess I don't see a lot of its problems. Moreover I have less memory issues with this combination than with must Java IDE. They can be real memory hogs.

I also gave SharpDevelop a try, and the last version is quite good. This is the must advanced IDE in the Open Source world, why not contribute a Resharper clone for it ?

My 2 cents.

Ayende Rahien

Richard, VS.Net + R# routinely gets to 1Gb(!) on my machine, if I work on it for more than three or four hours.

You can guess how this affect VS performance, and the rest of the machine.


I'd suggest checking out VisualSVN (http://visualsvn.com/) instead of AnkhSVN for any project of decent size. Unless Ankh has significantly increased its performance, VisualSVN is far superior/lighter/faster/etc


We all love to complain about VS. There's lots to complain about. The problem I've had is that i've not found anything (including Eclipse) that works better for .NET development. I really do demand a fully integrated debugger (including web debugging), project management, intellisense, database management, version control, testing tools, etc.. Nothing else comes close (for .NET), and I for one am willing to put up with the things I hate to get the things I demand.

I could write volumes about how Microsoft focuses too much on the "for dummies" developers. I could go on for days about how many of Microsoft's decisions cause problems with anything beyond a quick tutorial.

But lets face it, VS has come a LONG way in the last few years. Things like debugger visualizers are truly amazing. The integration of Cassini into VSDev is just plain unbeatable. I'd have probably gone over to PHP or JSP years ago if I could have found any environment even half as good (despite the things we hate) as Visual Studio, and I'll bet most developers that honestly do some soul searching about why they're still using Visual Studio would say the same.

That and lazyness. Lol.

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