Remote Keys: Cross Database Foreign Keys

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Here is an interesting product (via Larkware). RemoteKeys Adds cross-database constraints to SQL Server, which is something that is really nice in many scenarios.

Specifically, I am a firm believer that database == application, and that separate applications should use separate databases. (Versioning, deployment, WhoBrokeMyQuery, etc). This product seems to give a nice answer to  Referential integrity concerns.

I was interested to know how they did it, and it looks like a good UI on top of Linked Server + INSTEAD OF Triggers. I really like the idea, but a couple of things needs to be considered when using it are:

  • Availability concerns - Does both databases have the same availability? If not, what happens when either database goes down? The way it works, both databases needs to talk to each other for CUD.
  • Performance concerns - If we are talking about remote databases, then it is something that you really should consider carefully. The example on their site has US Orders and Europe Orders with remote FK to Customers Database. The problem is that this means that the Customers database needs to issue two remote calls (probably per statement). There may be some smarts there about consolidating checks, but I didn't check.

Cool idea nonetheless, although if I ever see the need, I will create the trigger via code gen and be done with it.