Disconnected Mode Change Tracking

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There is some interesting discussion going on right now about dealing with change tracking in disconnected mode. The whole discussion started when Andres complained that this making writing diconnected updates much harder than it should. You can check the links to see the whole discussion, what I am interested at is Udi's second reply, in which he suggest doing something like this:

void IBus.Send(params IMessage[] messages);

With the client code looking like this:

myBus.Send(addOrderLineMsg, delOrderLineMsg);

I am not sure that I agree with the choice of names (specifically, IMessage to me in an infrastructure level idea, IOrderMessage is something that would have a meaningful business sense), but I really like the idea. Then I started to think about it. Sending the server a bunch of changes, so it could execute them in a single transaction, thus reducing the chattiness of the conversation, I am pretty sure that I heard it before. Indeed, it is my favoriate pattern, Unit Of Work, expanded to include a multi layered, service based architecture. 

I really like this approach.