Source Control Solutions

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Note: I only worked with SCM systems such as CVS or Subversion, those systems provide a single feature and that is change management. What I'm searching for here probably exists in one of the more expansive players.

After writing the last post, Peer Review Systems: Proposal, I started thinking about what a developer needs to check right now before he can start coding (this is especially relevant when access a part of the code that he didn't touch for a long time / ever).

  • Documentation (Which in itself may have anything from manife
  • Bugs History
  • Peer Review System  :-)
  • Strange mystical ambiance about the code that only those who wrote it can disperse.
  • The code history - from the SCM.
  • The current code.

What I want is to have some way of brining it all together, so I can look at a module and see everything that went into it in one place.

Are you aware of any such thing?