How would I build MsBuild...

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In the Open Letter to Scott Guthrie David talks about copying the features from OSS projects, and bring MsBuild as an example. MsBuild is a project that reached feature parity with Nant, there is basically no technical reason that I know to prefer on over the other. NAnt has more tasks, but MsBuild has quite a few as well.

The problem is that feature parity is just that, not enough. Both Nant and MsBuild are xml based programming languages. Read the last sentence again, and you can probably tell what I don't like in both. A much better approach to this would have been to keep the same targets & actions model, but to skip the XML and go with an imperative language for the actual implementation.

Xml is nice because you can pharse it easily, but it is not something that is meant for human consumption. A better alternative would have been something like Rake, but on .Net. (About two years ago, I played with porting NAnt to Boo. Not the project itself, but the syntax. I got to the point where it was very readable and left it, don't think that there is anything left of the project anymore, although the sources should be up somewhere.) At any rate, this would have been a significant improvement over the existing technology, not just another feature-parity product.