Hibernate Shards

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The Hibernate projects has just made a big release, and it include a completely new project call Hibernate Shards. This project aims to provide a good abstraction on horizontally partitioned data sets.

A nice example would be Blogger.com, which has some milliions of users. At this level of traffic and data set size, normal data bases breaks. You really want to do horizontal partioning of the data, so all the data for users whose name starts with A-G are on Db1 and all the rest are on F-Z Db2. There was an article from O'Rielly in this subject about 6 months ago, talking with the big players in this market, they all ended up going with this approach.

Hibernate Shards is still in early stages, but the idea is sound, and it looks like it can be an easy way to scale up with Hibernate, without a lot of application modifications.