Competing with the community

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Jeffery's post about Microsoft MVC prototype brought some interesting questions.  The most interesting one is, why can't they just use MonoRail? It is here, it is mature, and the license allows it.

Jeffery's response to these suggestions was:

Reinvent the wheel?  Microsoft doesn't have the option of incorporating MonoRail into ASP.NET.  They don't own the intellectual property.  Microsoft has many, many customers who want _them_ to provide and support extensions to ASP.NET.  I, for one, use many, many open-source and 3rd party tools and libraries to help deliver software systems, but there are others who prefer to have Microsoft support most of their platform.  Microsoft might upset some of us at times, but saying to these other customers "sorry, we're not going to do it.  MonoRail has already done it.  Go use them" isn't an option.  First, that's not business.  Second, it would royally piss of other customers.  Microsoft can only hope to keep most of us mostly happy most of the time.  

And the reason for this post is Hammett's reply to this:

Sun doesn't own IP on Struts and encourage its use. Sun doesn't have anything to do with Tomcat and yet they use it as a reference to a correct JSP/Servlet container implementation.

Sun doesn't compete with the Java Community. Why does MS have to?

I agree with Hammett, I do not accept the mindset that Microsoft must provide everything to its customers.