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Rhino Mocks 3.0: Beta 2 Released

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Took a bit longer than I anticipated, since people found some really hard bugs with regards to the generics support. I now know a lot more than I ever wanted to about generics, and I considered myself an expert before-hand.

Anyway, the new bits have:

  • Improved support for wacky generics scenarios. Thanks to James and Thierry.
  • Better support for types having non inheritable attributes that cannot be easily replicated. Thanks to Aaron.
  • Better support for types implementing interfaces by using a base class that is located in another assembly.* Thanks to Aaron.
  • Included XML Documentation files.
  • All merged assemblies are not marked internal, to save your from collisions if you are using the Castle bits yourself.


The CallOriginalMethod() was deprecated, you are now encouraged to use CallOriginalMethod(OriginalMethodOptions.NoExpectation) or CallOriginalMethod(OriginalMethodOptions.CreateExpectation) instead. The reasoning behind the change is that currently CallOriginalMethod looks like it create an expectation, but it doesn't really does it, s it is better to be explicit about the whole thing. Thanks for Enrst for pointing it out to me.

As usual, the binaries and source are here.

* If you understood what that meant...



The .zip appears to be corrupt (only ~104 KB?)

David Newman

I'm so glad we've got generics support now, I can get rid of a bunch of classes with this!

Can I make a feature request? Can you add a property to the MockRepository that tells me if it's in record or replay state? I have some testfixtures where the teardown does a VerifyAll, but occasionaly a test will slip in that doesn't make any expectations, so I have to call mocks.ReplayAll() in it otherwise i get an exception in the TearDown

Ayende Rahien


It should be that small, yes.

If you got a corrupt file, please download again, I just verified that it works.

Ayende Rahien


There is no such state as Record/Replay for the whole repository, only for a single mock object.

What I tend to do for the TearDown is just put:



ReplayAll will move all those that are in record state to replay mode, which will make Verify happy.

David Newman

Now I feel stupid! Thanks Ayende


Thanks Ayende. Download now fine - but get the error:

Access is denied: 'Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation'.

Repro with:

public interface ICanMock { void SomeMethod(); }


public class CanMockFixture



    public void TesCanMock()


        MockRepository repository = new MockRepository();

        ICanMock canMock = repository.CreateMock<ICanMock>();


Ayende Rahien

Opps, that was my mistake.

Please try again, it should work now.


Great - that's worked. Cheers.


I tried to download as well and got:

Compressed (zipped) Folders Error

The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted.


Ayende Rahien

Please try now, and tell me if the problem persists.


I am also having the problem downloading the zip, I also get zip is corrupt.

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