Cruel And Unusual Punishment (or, how I Practice)

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I was working on the talk I am going to give in the Microsoft Academy next week, and I really needed to practice saying everything. I quickly gathered some family memebers and subjected them to a high level lecture of IoC. Interesting what you can learn from the amount of glazing in their eyes. :-)

I did the same to some co-workers today, and got even more good feedback (the best piece of advice was from our QA guy, which is certainly not the target audiance). I am starting to get a good feeling about this lecture, even though it is going to be very different from the one I did about Active Record.

That one was basically all code, with a presentation there just to keep me from shooting off in some obscure directions and getting all excited that [HasManyAndBelongToMany] can now do a better job inferring what I mean. This is a more of an overview of the pattern and what advantages it can give me (I have to assume that a significant part of the audiance will be facing this concepts for the first time).