More on the Anti Team

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Joel has another post, and this quote just killed me:

What kills me is the teams who get into the bad habit of holding meetings every time they need to figure out how something is going to work.

To make things fun, add a non-technical project manager to the mix, that just asks every now and then "how much time it will take?", a business analyst that can't understand a word of what is going on and keep trying to turn a discussion about how to manage user's permission in AzMan into a discussion about what the website should look like. It is best to gather people from at least two other teams, completely unrelated to the subject at hand, but whose roadmap shows that in two years, they may need to have a similar feature.

To make things really fun, add two consultants, each with their own agenda about the products that they want to have, each of them as the representive of a different manager with political rivalry. At least three people should be on a long distance conference call, and there is someone that keeps coughing. Oh, and there is a salesman trying to convice the janitor that their product will make them work Real Easy and It Really Works Now!


Last week I had two days with no meetings. I think that I managed more work during those days than in the last two weeks combined.

Oh, and the rest of the post is really good as well, as usual.